Who is Danni Mac? Back in the days on the Boulevard of Linden, most people called me Danielle, but my friends and family called me Danni. Mac was my dad's nickname at work–everyone always shouted, "Hey Mac!" whenever he walked in a room, which was affectionately short for McMillian. Somehow, both names stuck with me and here we are: Danni Mac.

Currently, I’m a 2D designer for Verizon’s in-house agency, 140. I've worked with some pretty cool clients across multiple industries from entertainment, fashion, and tech and helped small businesses realize their dreams in the course of my career. Along the way, I've become more well-rounded by working closely with C-level executives, forecasting goals and putting together RFPs, built some pretty dope creative teams, all while making sure everybody stays calm. It hasn't always been easy, but I make sure to include the fun where ever I go.